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You know that anticipation you feel when you order a product off Amazon like it is some sort of prize and you keep looking at your front porch or checking tracking to see if the package was left by your front door? ( Oh! I wonder what it could be!?) That is how I am feeling a this very moment. Why? Well, I am about to evolve and enter new territory ( well, kinda). I just bought a new Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and a mounted arm for the camera to fit it on my desk. I hear it's what all the cool kids are using and I want it to be here right now so I can get it up and running.

Oh, wait! I guess I should explain what I am doing, huh? I'm sure you can kinda already see where I am headed. I'm going to be live streaming ( Do we say streaming still?) on Twitch. It feels kinda awkward, I cannot lie, to be doing something like this. Here I am, a woman that can barely operate her smart phone and views computers as the enemy (" Oh you wanted to work on something today? HA HA! Nope I have 3,000 updates to do and I need to crash halfway through. You have been defeated!") For real though, I am kind lost when it comes to tech. Seriously, my husband got a new PS4 a few months ago after us having a Xbox One for the past 6 or so years and I am still trying to figure out how to use the Playstation controller to get to Netflix. I am afraid I am gonna mess something up somehow ( Honest, I don't know how I launched the Nukes! I was just trying to watch a movie and pressed these buttons!) I was using my iPad Pro to do live Facebook videos, so I am not completely new to live streaming, but I need my iPad for my reference photos for each of my projects and I can't live stream from my iPad and use it for other stuff at the same time, because that would be convenient.

So, why am I doing it then? I am doing this because, I feel, it is time to get myself savvy with technology that can help me do what I enjoy doing, art and teaching. I mean I know I am older and half of the people you see streaming on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and other Social media platforms are late teens to early 20's playing games that are moving so fast that you probably need High-G training to play or they are using Photoshop, Procreate, or some other digital art programs to create anime or comic style art. I will be starting off with my mummy sculptures and will eventually, do all of my art on Twitch. Will I feel like I am that one adult taking college classes that the youngsters ask questions to, like " What's it like getting old?" " Do you hurt all the time?" "Dang! You have been married as long as I have been a live!?" " Do your knees make crunchy noises when you stand? My Memaw's do, it sounds gross!"--You betcha. But If I can put what I do and what I know out there for others to see, especially a younger audience and possibly inspire them to create their own art, then it is worth all the awkwardness that I am feeling right now.

The webcam should be here tomorrow and I can't wait!

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